Install xcode and command-line tools

$ xcode-select --install
$ sudo xcodebuild -license accept

Install dependencies with Homebrew


Homebrew is the best way to install selalib dependencies on a mac.

Install Homebrew (not compatible with macports)

$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
$ brew install git
$ brew install cmake
$ brew install gcc
$ brew install openmpi --with-mpi-thread-multiple
$ brew install hdf5 --with-fortran --with-mpi
$ brew install openblas
$ brew install fftw
$ brew install python3
$ brew install doxygen

Install dependencies with macports


Don’t forget to set aliases for openmpi and python with ‘port select’

Install macports ( and

$ sudo port install cmake
$ sudo port install openmpi
$ sudo port install hdf5 +gfortran+openmpi
$ sudo port install fftw-3
$ sudo port install openblas +gcc7+lapack
$ sudo port install doxygen

If you want to run tests that use nurbs

$ sudo port install python36
$ sudo port select --set python python36